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In car cameras – An overview


In car cameras – An overview

COPS Office Funding

A car security camera is always the best and perfect solution to avoid the insurance disputes and by capturing video it can be used as evidence of an accident which can be essential in building a court case and then proving guilt. This provides a financial aid to the state police and highway patrol agencies for the sole purpose of purchasing.

Prior to the COPS Office in Camera Incentive Program there are 11 percent of the state police and highway patrol vehicles who were equipped with in cameras and now currently there are many of the state police and highway patrol vehicles which are used for patrol who are equipped with video systems, and this number continues to increase. During a three-year span, the number of in camera systems grew from 3,400 to 17,500 and twenty-five percent (4,500) of the in camera systems were purchased through the COPS Office incentive program.

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Measuring the Impact of In-Car Cameras

The (IACP) was asked by the COPS Office to organize a national study to measure all the impact of in car cameras on state and highway patrol agencies and the all communities who they have to serve and the purpose of this study is to develop a great practices guide for the selection and acquisition of in camera equipment and to provide an updated model policy for the use and application of in cameras. Twenty states were selected for the study and follows is a description of the preliminary results of this study and for measuring the impact that in cameras have had on policing.

HD recording

Their performance is oh very high quality and gives you a good result and has best quality features. The MI Witness Vehicle has a Recorder which is specially designed that it can be used by  everyoneand then you can capture accidents and dangerous driving and itwill be also fight incorrect speeding fines and convictions in HD quality movie and it will help drivers to protect their no claims bonus and license and could save on company insurance.When it is used in commercial vehicles the unit captures poor driving, use of company vehicles and then provides an vital evidence in the event of any accident if happens.

The revolutionary many smart port allows everyone for an even greater versatility and the Wi-Fi Dongle which is the first accessory to utilize that the these and the Wi-Fi Dongle allows everyone for the better connections to be made to a smartphoneand you can see the videos and then you can change the settings.

Smart Power

These types of MI Witness offers everyone a smart shutdown technology and cordless power for a good portable recordings and Smart Shutdown technology protects your all video files from the event of the power which is being disconnected and you don’t have to loose important video files. And this will help you to record all the videos related to accident or and stealing cases.

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