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List of Some Great strategy games on PC



List of Some Great strategy games on PC

In the ocean of the strategy games that have been launched in the last many years as well as the ones which are being launched almost every day, often all gamers come to crossroads. The confusion about which are the best games for Pc can be overwhelming. So, to help you out a little bit, we have compiled a list of some of the best strategy games that can be played on PC. Most people love and adore these games; in fact addictive strategy games are my primary reason for not quitting the job I hate.

Though some people may still argue that with the lines blurring between different genres of games, these games may not strictly be called strategy games. However, all these games require the gamer to strategize and then make the moves; therefore they can be called strategy games in a broader sense.Image result for List of Some Great strategy games on PC

The first game in the list is Civilization V. it covers all aspects of strategizing. So be it exploration, diplomacy or war there is something for everyone in this game. It is one of the best strategy games available for PCs.

Crusader Kings II is one of the games that give its players a holistic gaming experience. Not only does it require you to strategize about the matters of running a kingdom, it also requires your judgment calls on matters of heart like marriage, love affairs etc.

Company of Heroes is that one game which changed the scene of gaming ever since its launch. With its slower pace, you can actually find yourself at your tactical best. There is no crazy mouse clicking business going on and you can soak in the experience as you keep moving forward.

Endless Legend has been compared to be a lot like civilization but once you play this one, you will surely know the difference. The story line is created to have a stylish edge and it is definitely one of the best strategy games of the recent times.

If we could call one strategy game to be a perfect concoction of all things exciting it would be Homeworld. You command a fleet of ships into space and everything else together with the core premise makes this game an absolute delight.

Panzer Crops is a game which has been inspired by one of the classics known as Panzer General. There are many layers and great amount of content in the game. It is great for those who do not believe in learning the rules but want to fight the Second World War.

World in Conflict can be a test of instantaneous reactions as well as decision making on larger scale. It can be safely placed between two extreme genres of Blizzard and Total War. Although it belongs to a serious genre there are some funny twists and turns in this game.

So, these are some games which can truly test the strategist in you. Though some of the games may not adhere to their genre in the strictest sense, most of them require you to be the decision and strategy maker to get ahead in the game.

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